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Rose Candle

Rose Candle

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Fill your home with the scent of a dozen rouge blooms with our Rose Candle.

 Featuring notes of Damask Rose, Geranium and Palmarosa, it's delicate scent uplifts and balances your mood. The Rose Candle celebrates the optimistic character of rose at its best, like burying your nose in beautiful blooms, to promote happiness and a positive outlook.

Expertly hand-poured, and encased in a luxury ceramic container, its wax is packed with the equivalent of up to two 10ml bottles of essential oil. With a burn time of over 40 hours, you’ll have plenty of time for heavenly, undisturbed, bliss.

How to use

1. Take the candle out of the box and be sure to remove the coloured paper from the top of the candle.
2. Light the candle and let the therapeutic aromas fill your home and surround your senses.
3. For the most even burn, be sure to extinguish at an even level of fully pooled oil. Once the candle is fully burned, the ceramic holder is perfect to reuse as a stylish pot.


Natural Soy Wax, Parfum**.
**Natural Plant Extracts

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