How Menopause Affects Our Skin

How Menopause Affects Our Skin

When Nikki and I sat down to discuss women’s health, we got talking about the narrative of secrecy that so often clouds women’s ability to talk about symptoms and share experiences in a way that make women feel less isolated and vulnerable. Nikki muses, “I think topics like menopause are becoming less taboo now, and people are starting to feel more confident to bring up these sorts of topics, which I think is great. It’s a normal, natural part of a woman’s life that many struggle through, especially with their skin. We are in the industry that can help them with that, so I think it’s important for women to speak out more so we can support them to feel great about themselves and their skin again”.

The old-age taboo is one reason why menopause and skin issues aren’t always realised as being linked. As it’s not widely discussed, we don’t always think to connect it to the cause of our ‘bad skin’. Skin already has age, stress and environmental changes to blame, so they often become our 'go-to’s when identifying the 'villain’ behind our skin woes. Nikki shares a necessary reminder that menopause can significantly affect skin, like any hormone change can. “It is most commonly presented as dull tired-looking skin or a hormonal imbalance which can cause your skin to have breakouts and congestion, so focusing on those deep cleansers and looking at repairing the barrier function of your skin is key”.

Nikki shares that "More Than Skin has lots of great treatments to help support women through their skin changes in menopause. We always suggest a full consult with one of our therapists to see what’s best suited for you. But some of our favourites are the Silkpeel Brightening treatment to really focus on that cell turnover and get that beautiful glow back, followed by our amazing Omnilux Light Therapy, which can not only help with repairing and healing your skin but is also great at tackling fine lines and wrinkles too, a must-have add on for all our advance treatments”.

Nikki also shares at-home product recommendations. “Our Alpha-beta range and Alpha-beta concentrates are my personal favourites and a great way to get your glow back as they aid natural cell turnover and bring more oxygen and hydration to your skin”.

It goes without saying that any topic is up for discussion in today’s world. And when you bring your concerns to the light, recommendations and support is always out there for the taking.

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