Inspiring Self-Care : Home is where the heart is ♥

Inspiring Self-Care : Home is where the heart is ♥

Welcome to part 2 of our self-care series. Our way of caring for you from afar.  

Last week we featured the body, and today, we feature another sacred space – home.  

We could begin with a cute clichéd quote, “home is where the heart is”. And it would be entirely true. Home is where the heart is, how lovely. But with recent developments, home is now more than this. Home is everything; it’s our office, our gym, our social space. Our space for solace, and our space for restoration when we need it.

Here we share some of our favourite self-care tips to turn home into a nurturing abode.  


The Danes, do it well. So much so, they have a word for it – hygge. A philosophy that values cosiness and comfort above all else. It’s been referred to as a focus on “atmosphere and an experience rather than things”. How could you create a cosy atmosphere? Candles by evening, heck even candles in the mid-afternoon and strategically placed lamps for warm, low lighting. Rearrange your lounge to encourage rest, remove clutter, and set the scene for serious comfort.  


Natural texture 

Calm isn’t just cultivated by how a space looks but also by how it feels. Get tactile. The touch of an old character-filled wooden coffee table or soft mohair blanket feels different to colder, more sterile man-made materials. How does your home feel? Where could you add items which evoke texture and an emotional connection with nature?  


Books, Music. Whatever mode or genre of escapism calls you, ensure it’s easy to find. Not tucked away in another room where you have every intention of visiting but rarely do. Keep inspirational reads close to the bed, or even stacked sofa-side. Instead of habitually reaching for the remote, how might it feel to snuggle up with a good book? Sipping a hot drink and turning pages slowly as you travel through time and space.  

We might be forced into being homebodies, but our philosophy is always, what can we focus on embracing, rather than resisting? We hope these tips inspire a little calm, and we can’t wait to see you on the other side. 

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