MTS… A re-introduction

MTS… A re-introduction

As we approach turning 30 in August 2023, we’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves. (Think, a romantic film where we run into each other at a coffee shop). Here’s a reminder of where we came from, how we’ve evolved and yet, in many ways how our heart remains the same.

Born as a beauty salon in 1993 that focused on the necessities of skincare and grooming, the More Than Skin brand has evolved into looking deeper than the first layer of the skin alone. We’ve developed a holistic view with a passion for wellness of body, mind and soul.

We stand proudly as the original advocates of selfcare. Today our treatment offerings come from around the world and around the ages, where ancient selfcare rituals meet modern luxury. We’ve also welcomed more product ranges into our family, offering the best in skin, hair and body care with brands like Aromatherapy Associates, Aspar and Joyce Block.    

Our spa reflects intentional design choices, with an aesthetic that’s welcoming to every gender, body and age. We’re all about warmth, luxury and care - right down to where we source our linen.

Our team truly love what we do, transforming our clients from the inside out with our curated selection of treatments, products, books and lifestyle recommendations which we share with our clients each season.

We couldn’t thank you enough for being part of our journey and contributing to the ethos of wellness as it stands today. We really do believe in “more than skin”.

Drop in and say hi or book some time with us. We’d love to treat you in spa soon. x

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