The power of scent

The power of scent

History tells us of the power of scent through the role it played in ancient rituals, ceremonies, and healing realms. This was a little lost with the commercialisation of synthetic fragrance, but today fragrance has adopted deep purpose and meaning beyond a cheeky spritz of perfume to compliment an outfit. 

Neuroscientists have proven that scent can alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience. Our scent receptors are closely linked to our limbic system, the part of the brain which influences memory, emotion, and psychological functions. 

We invite you to shift your mood with the therapeutic aroma of a candle infused with natural botanicals and essential oils. Choose your favourite from Aromatherapy Associates limited edition range based on what mood you’d like to cultivate. 

I want to feel…

Nurtured, Rejuvenated, Nourished and Uplifted

Rose candle Crafted from an essential blend of warming Damask rose, fresh geranium and rejuvenating palmarosa, working together to uplift the spirit and nurture the heart. 

Relaxed, Tranquil, Peaceful and Restful

Deep Relax candle Crafted from an essential blend of naturally-sedating vetiver, soothing chamomile and comforting sandalwood to help you relax into your most restorative sleep.

Clear of Mind, Calm and Focused

De-Stress candle Crafted from an essential oil blend of clarifying frankincense, calming wild chamomile and focusing petitgrain, working together to help calm and focus the mind.

Lighting a candle casts the softest glow and infuses your space with scent to help shift your mood. The perfect way to unwind and combine with any nightly winter rituals, whether taking a bath or getting cosy with a good book.   

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