The ritual of candles and how to set a candle intention

The ritual of candles and how to set a candle intention

Lighting a candle can be a conduit to soothe our senses, spark romance, reconnect with the present moment and signify a more intentional and meaningful way of life.

While many cultures have their own traditions involving candles, it’s the ritual of lighting a candle itself that matters. A simple act that goes beyond spiritual, religious beliefs to the elemental healing power of nature. 

The benefits of lighting a candle

  • Light a candle to shift into the present moment (the Danish call candles ’levende lys’ or ’living lights’).
  • Light a candle for cosy, calming ambience - again, I’ll mention the Danish, who are candle obsessed and one of the happiest nations in the world.
  • Light a candle for productivity. As soothing as a flickering flame can be, it can also help with focus. Lighting a candle on your desk can act as a symbol to yourself that you’re entering a productive zone.
  • Light a candle to elevate your meditation.
  • Light a candle as a ceremonious act of remembrance.
  • Light a candle to enhance your intentions and ability to manifest.

How to set a candle intention  

Decide on your intention. What do you want to invite into your life or how would you like to feel in the days ahead? Confident, calm, peaceful, motivated? Say your intention aloud, or in your mind, as many times as you’d like. Direct the energy of your words and thoughts towards the candle. Light the candle and sit with it, watching the flickering flame for a moment as it sets your intention in motion.  

Whatever your motivation for lighting a candle, it provides an opportunity to drop your shoulders, soften your chest and take a breath. They’re a tool to connect with the present, past and future, connect with our emotional, and spiritual sides, bringing light and illumination to however we wish to feel.

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