What makes the perfect gift?

What makes the perfect gift?

For some, gift-giving comes as second nature. They’ll buy in advance, give meaningful gifts, perfectly wrapped and delivered with a smile. For others, any cause for celebration causes ‘gift anxiety’. Not an official term by any means, but if we had to diagnose it, we’d summarise the symptoms as; indecision, last-minute desperation and sheer panic. For the acute, it may come with multiple attempts of self-assurance, telling yourself over and over “it’s the thought that counts”.  

So it got us thinking, what makes the perfect gift? And how can we make things easier on ourselves? Particularly as we approach the silly season. 

We believe the equation is pretty simple. The perfect gift is one that will bring the receiver joy. A great indicator of whether your gift will succeed in this endeavour is to turn the tables. Would you be happy to receive the gift yourself? And will you feel joy when delivering it? If you feel warm fuzzies on both accounts, you’ve nailed it. 

To help you out even further, we’ve found the perfect gift on your behalf - a More Than Skin Voucher. And before you revert to old-school thoughts around a voucher not being thoughtful; our More Than Skin Vouchers are, just as their name suggests, more than vouchers. They’re a “moment of peace”. A gift that says, “it’s ok, this year has been a lot, this is your chance to let go and indulge in some well-deserved self-care”. What could be more thoughtful than that? 

This year we have collaborated with world spa winners Aromatherapy Associates London for an extraordinary opportunity for you to invest in the perfect gift. The focus is on tranquility, rest and sleep. 

You may like to give a moment of peace, serenity, restoration or revival. Our More Than Skin Vouchers come in an array of curated beauty and wellness experiences. 

Who would you like to gift a self-care experience to this year? Your mum, sister, a loved one or a friend who’s always been there (no matter how often you fail to text back). Or perhaps yourself? What a delicious way to see out the year. 

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