Why face masks are the ultimate act of self-care

Why face masks are the ultimate act of self-care

As the animal world begins to grow thicker coats and forage for extra food in preparation for winter, autumn is Mother Nature’s first seasonal reminder that we too, should nurture our wellbeing. Cooler temperatures, harsher winds and a decrease in sunlight make caring for our skin and state of mind during this time essential. Our favourite way to do both is with a weekly mask. Here’s why masking is the ultimate form of self-care this season. 

Mask up to elevate your skincare routine 

Face masks elevate your skincare routine and give your skin a concentrated boost of vitamins and nutrients. Depending on your mask of choice, they can target any skin concern and provide game-changing benefits like reducing unwanted inflammation, oil and breakouts or amplifying hydration, tone and a sunshine-like glow. We recommend incorporating a mask once a week to improve skin health and condition. The best part? Waking up the morning after an evening mask sesh - hello goddess skin!

Mask up in the name of emotional wellbeing 

As we move away from the hustle culture that was rife during the 90’s and early 2000’s, taking a moment for ourselves is now recognised as one the most important things we can do for our mental health. Pausing for some me-time and applying your favourite face mask can improve mood and support mental wellbeing. No one aggressively cleans the house or works through their admin list while wearing a mask. We’re much more likely to do something calming while those delicious ingredients are soaking into our skin. Most mask-wearing multi-taskers will enjoy a hot bath, watch a movie, sip on a hot drink or dive into their favourite book. To keep our emotional wellbeing cups intact, anything done for others or work should come from a secure, grounded place. Perhaps the old “put your own mask on before helping others” analogy has an even deeper meaning outside an aeroplane safety briefing. 

Choose from our range of skin and mood-boosting masks for your moment of care this season.

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