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De-Stress Candle

De-Stress Candle

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Bring a sense of pure calm by unlocking the herbal notes of our De-Stress Candle.

Containing two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils, the candle is encased in a reusable ceramic container. Richly aromatic, our hand-poured wax will burn for over 40 hours; its delicate aroma reaching every corner of your home. The De-Stress blend was created for mild cases of disquiet, when the pressures of life are getting a little too much and your focus, sleep and relationships are all being put to the test. The light, herbaceous blend contains Petitgrain for clarity, Chamomile to inspire a sense of calm, and Frankincense – the latter known as a “filing cabinet for the brain” to boost concentration.

How to use

1. Take the candle out of the box and be sure to remove the coloured paper from the top of the candle.
2. Light the candle and let the therapeutic aromas fill your home and surround your senses.
3 For the most even burn, be sure to extinguish at an even level of fully pooled oil. Once the candle is fully burned, the ceramic holder is perfect to reuse as a stylish pot.


Natural Soy Wax, Parfum**.
**Natural Plant Extracts

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